Deadmau5: Nokia Lumia Launch

ML Studio collaborated with Canadian producer/DJ Deadmau5 to produce an immersive experience for Nokia. PR agency Mission asked ML Studio to come up with an idea based on the theme of ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark”. We came up with the idea of a normal street, where things suddenly animate with colour, synced to music.

Having found Flatiron Square in Southwark, we worked with a team of lighting, props and sound people to allow Deadmau5 to fill the street with colour. Lights were installed in everything from fruit stands to motorbike headlights to wheelie-bins to entire facades of buildings. As Deadmau5 played, everything in the street came to life….

PR Agency and Production Company:

Concept, Creative Direction and Animation:
ML Studio

Production Manager:
Neil Keane

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Deadmau5 for Nokia Lumia

Deadmau5: Nokia Lumia Launch

Animated wheelie-bins in Flatiron Square.

Deadmau5: Nokia Lumia Launch

Deadmau5 performs 'FN Pig' in Flatiron Square, London

Deadmau5: Nokia Lumia Launch

Projection on facade of Flatiron Square, London

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