House of Pain: Merge Festival

As part of the 2013 Merge Festival, Mark and Marcus were invited to produce a site specific work in the Bankside area. The result is ‘House of Pain’, an interactive light sculpture housed in a derelict High street building.

The public were invited to have a cathartic yell or scream inside the building. Each scream will generate an instant light composition that illuminates the entire building. The unique quality of each scream will create the colour and movement of the light composition through unique software which will analyse the sounds in real-time.

House of Pain was open to the public from the 19th September until the 21st October 2013. This proved to be a popular interactive experience with the public, garnering a total of over 50 hours worth of screams.

Read what Time Out London had to say on their blog: Now. Here. This.

Commissioned by Merge Festival

Lighting sponsorship from Static Light Company

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House Of Pain Trailer

House of Pain: Merge Festival

A visitor's scream illuminates the building. Photo © Veronika Lukasova

House of Pain: Merge Festival

Zenith House, Private View night. Photo © Veronika Lukasova

House of Pain: Merge Festival

View of interior light installation. Photo © Veronika Lukasova

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